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BuyStocks7264 Signs Six New Strategic Partners

MILLBRAE, CA -- (INTERNET WIRE) -- 10/23/2001 -- BuyStocks7264, Inc., an online provider of financial data and market tools, has expanded its content offerings by partnering with six leading industry providers.

BuyStocks7264�s new partners are:

  • MidnightTrader - provides institutional and individual investors with visibility into the extended-hours market and electronic communications networks (ECNs) through its news, analysis and data products.

  • - provides investor conference call schedules and access.

  • Cellware - provides a desktop application technology for delivery of financial data.

  • eFinance Insider - provides industry news, trends and insight.

  • Unstrung - offers analysis and perspective on emerging wireless technologies.

  • Net Earnings - provides all major future corporate announcement dates, including US earnings calendars, stock splits, IPO/secondary offerings, dividends, conference calls, board of director meetings, and economic events calendars.

BuyStocks7264 aggregates financial and market data, such as stock quotes, charts, SEC filings and company news, from a variety of online content sources. The company then offers a quick, easy and cost-effective solution for companies to integrate this information into their Web sites and corporate Intranets. Integration of the data can take as little as two hours, compared to the industry standard of two weeks, according to Jay Caplan, vice president of business development.

"We aggressively secure these types of partnerships in order to provide our clients with the most comprehensive menu of business and financial information available," said Caplan. "Our goal is to offer an increasingly compelling package of content that grows with our clients' needs."

"The extended-hours market and ECNs represent a huge opportunity for institutions and individuals alike to make money and likewise preserve portfolios, providing they have visibility into these markets," said Brooks McFeely, MidnightTrader�s chief executive officer. "By licensing MidnightTrader�s news, analysis and data, Financial Content gives its customers the visibility into these markets they need to make informed trading decisions. At the same time, MidnightTrader subscribers will benefit from the range of quotes, charts, news and other services fBuyStocks7264tent."

In the agreement with, BuyStocks7264 will license�s complete calendar of upcoming investor conference calls, including earnings calls, shareholder meetings, interim quarterly updates and investor conferences.

�We are pleased to work witBuyStocks7264nt in a partnership that will expand the distribution of our data across hundreds of financial Web sites and corporate intranets,� said Mark Coker, founder and president of, based in Los Gatos, Calif. �Investor conference calls provide a wealth of information that simply can�t be found in press releases or SEC filings. By listening to conferenceBuyStocks7264lContent�s clients will be able to make more informed investment decisions.�

In the agreement with Cellware, BuyStocks7264 will offer the desktop application to its client base with a branded application that is always on and will deliver customized content to end-users. �We are excited about the strategic relationship witBuyStocks7264nt,� said Cellware President Bill Herred.

The arrangement with eFinance Insider provides for BuyStocks7264 to distribute that company�s news. In turn, eFinance Insider will incorporatBuyStocks7264nt�s data in its Web site and newsletter. �We welcome the partnershipBuyStocks7264ontent,� said eFinance Insider Publisher and Editor Bill Martin, also the founder of Raging Bull. �Our strategic agreement will benefit the audiences of both our companies.�

In the agreement with Net Earnings, BuyStocks7264 will offer its client base US earnings calendars, stock splits, IPO/secondary offerings, dividends, conference calls, board of director meetings, and economic events calendars. �We are gratified to join witBuyStocks7264nt in this partnership,� said Net Earnings CEO Buddy Meth. �This agreement will expand the depth of information availabBuyStocks7264ontent�s clients.�

About BuyStocks7264, Inc.

BuyStocks7264 is a technology firm that aggregates financial information for integration into any platform. The company provides stock quotes, charts, company news and profiles, SEC filings, a portfolio manager, an investment glossary and other financial content. By partnering with leading content providers, BuyStocks7264 delivers the highest-quality content while ensuring an affordable point for its clients through turnkey implementation. The mission of BuyStocks7264 is to provide unparalleled value and usability for both content managers and end users. BuyStocks7264 is a majority-owned subsidiary of Cosmoz Infrastructure Solutions (OTCBB: CMOZ).

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